March 5, 2014

Toronto, CANADA
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The Partners and senior members of EMA Partners International held their annual meeting in Barcelona where they gathered to address client trends and market conditions in executive search and talent management. The economic outlook was closely reviewed in relationship to various industry sectors in order to identify where the demands for talent exist. While both North and South American markets are making strides in economic recovery, there remain pockets of weakness and inconsistent gains within Europe and Asia. At the same time, experts predict the demand for executives will remain high in Asia throughout 2014.

Alberto Miranda, host of the AGM and Partner with EMA Partners Spain indicated that, “In highly competitive markets, an organization’s success depends largely on its ability to find and retain the best talent – this is particularly true in emerging markets where a large pool of talent has yet to be developed.” Reporting on searches undertaken during the last four years, results indicate that Healthcare and Life Science sectors show the most growth around the globe and offer the best opportunities for executive advancement. Financial Services remain strong, with an increasing demand for human capital that is well rounded with specific technical skill sets or niche expertise combined with co-creativity and leadership capabilities. There is worldwide demand for seasoned analytics and Big Data professionals, a niche area where products and services are predicted to exceed three trillion dollars and generate millions of new jobs.

“It is necessary to find leaders who can lead in fast-paced environments, and can strategically plan and direct tactics that effectively respond to changes including market shifts, revolutionary technology, consumer demands and competition. Moreover, companies are finding it is essential to operate on both local and global levels”, said EMA Partners International’s newly elected Chairman, Chris Hardy.  He added that the meeting in Barcelona allowed Partners from nearly 30 countries to share information about their local markets which in turn, allows offices to effectively partner with clients from multi-national organizations on strategic cross-border searches. “It is not just our clients who must engage in agile thinking – as executive search practitioners, we must also employ professionals who can think fast and creatively to provide multiple options to complex human capital requirements – and we are being proactive in fulfilling that objective.”

About EMA Partners International

Since 1988, EMA Partners International has built an expanding global partnership of executive search professionals.  EMA Partners International is one of the largest executive search firms in the world.  With nearly 40 offices on six continents they are dedicated to satisfying the senior executive search and talent management needs of their clients.

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