EMA Partners India Pvt Ltd |  Mumbai
1201, B-Wing, ONE BKC
“G-Block”, Bandra – Kurla Complex
Bandra (East), Mumbai – 400 051. India

Phone: +91 22 26752200

EMA Partners India started its practice in Mumbai and was soon established and recognized as one of India’s most reputable and well known Executive search firms. Previously known as Bombay, Mumbai is a major metropolitan city, which has transformed itself into an entity with thriving markets, and many different communities reflecting a cosmopolitan and trendy atmosphere. On the surface, it represents the ever-changing face of today’s India – the old coupled with the dynamic new and yet at its very core, the heart of the city is steeped in Indian customs and values. Mumbai is known as the commercial capital of India, and is the country’s principal financial and communications center. India’s largest Stock Exchange, which ranks as the third largest in the world is situated in Mumbai where the trading of stocks is carried out in billions of rupees every day.