Cyber Security, Risk and ID Management


Securing and protecting the stability and safety of sensitive and confidential customer information must be a priority for all business in the digital era. As consumers increasingly transition to mobile or online channels to conduct a variety of personal and business related activities (including on-line shopping, payments or other financial transactions, booking travel or interacting via social media), stringent measures and controls must be implemented in order to ensure the protection of sensitive data. In order to achieve this, organizations need to ensure that they hire leaders with a proven track record of success in managing Digital Risk, Cyber Security and ID management.


New roles are emerging to support this area, including Chief Digital Security Officer, Digital Risk Officer, Head of Cloud Security, Head of Cyber Liability and Head of Cyber Crime, and the leaders in this space must demonstrate a very strong blend of business acumen and technical expertise in order to address the unique issues of digital risk, and develop strategies that can combat the threat of data breach. These new digital risk leaders will typically manage risk across the entire enterprise, and must also have a sound understanding of privacy law, regulation and compliance. Often charged with developing new governance and oversight for the digital environment, companies must understand how to hire talent that is comfortable working in unchartered waters, where ambiguity and volatility is the norm, and in the area of traditional risk management, compliance, security and audit that is not always an easy skill set to find.


Navigating and managing the digital environment from a security standpoint also requires a good degree of creativity and “out of the box” thinking. A genuine interest in emerging trends related to cyber security or ID management is also a requirement. An understanding of tokenization, data encryption, biometrics and assessing different ways to authenticate user identity in a digital environment are all skill sets that are in high demand and companies are increasingly witnessing the need to shore up their internal intelligence in this field…if they don’t the consequences, often in the form of mass data breach, identity theft and hacked or compromised systems can be catastrophic.