Digital Board Directors


Just as companies are increasingly recognizing a need to hire executives and leaders with strong digital acumen and thought leadership, we are witnessing a rising demand for digital talent and experience at the board level. Whether an organization embraces or feels threatened by the rise of digital, it cannot be ignored, and hiring strong digital expertise at the board level can provide valuable insight into the risks and opportunities that digital will have on the business. A digital board director can provide valuable support and oversight to the company’s digital strategy and more importantly help the company to mitigate cyber risk and other threats that may be created by disruptive digital industry competitors. The Digital Director can also work with the organization’s senior executive management team in helping to define and drive a richer digital culture and mindset, while helping to identify gaps and make investment decisions pertaining to talent acquisition and technology.


Hiring a digital director to join the board of a large traditional organization can be a challenge and the ideal digital board director profile, which is frequently a C-level digital executive with a strong blend of technology and business strategy, is a rare commodity. Having a deep understanding of cyber security and risk is important, but the ability to engage and communicate with other seasoned board members at the strategic level is also key. Many of the digital natives who have the desired digital expertise, knowledge and skills, may also lack the traditional business maturity and experience necessary to gain credibility with other board members. This can result in making the integration and transition of a new digital board director fraught with challenges.


Leveraging two decades of Board recruitment and evaluation expertise, EMA Partners can bring its knowledge and deep understanding of the digital environment to assist our clients in the successful placement and integration of this newest trend in Board Directorship. The need for a Digital Board Director may not be in such high demand 15-20 years from now, but in today’s digital environment the demand is at an all-time high.