Digital Channel Management


In today’s digital era, the more traditional customer contact channels such as the physical brick-and- mortar presence of a bank branch or a retail store are increasingly taking a back seat in favour of a more virtual environment. The rise of e-commerce, online and mobile products, apps and services including computerized self-service kiosks that enable the completion of tasks such as checking out groceries or completing flight check-ins, changes consumer behaviour and alters the way in which consumers interact with companies and with each other.


In the world of social media, the sharing of opinions and access to information has never been so widespread and accessible, and companies need to understand how to harness and channel the power of all this information and data transference. A strong digital channel management strategy examines and uncovers new ways in which to leverage and optimize today’s digital channels, focusing on how to effectively engage, connect with and retain customers by providing a convenient, cost effective¸ secure and efficient service. Above all a successful digital channel management strategy ensures a positive and rewarding customer experience.


One of the unique differentiators of the digital channel is that access and availability is often 24/7 and can be appealing to the customer because of its inherent ability to service the customer according to their own personal schedules and timeframes. A focus on convenience, demands simplicity of design, and user or customer experience once again plays a key role in the development and build of any successful channel management strategy.


Omni channel refers to a highly evolved channel strategy, wherein the customer experience is seamlessly aligned and consistent across all channels, both legacy and digital. The ability to offer the customer true continuity in their interactions with a brand or company, regardless of whether it takes place in a physical or virtual environment, is extremely powerful, but not easy to achieve. Companies across a broad spectrum of industries want to engage and reach their customer in new and innovative ways and strong leadership is required to drive a successful and robust digital channel management roadmap.