More and more consumers prefer to access products and services via mobile devices over their desktop PCs.  The proliferation of smart phones has changed the way information is delivered and consumed.  To be competitive in the mobile arena, it is critical for organizations across all verticals to have a strong mobile strategy, supported by the requisite talent.


Mobile payments and mobile technology is new and exciting, and provides consumers and merchants with convenience and speed. Determining how to provide value that is new and different, and results in a delightful customer experience, needs to be top of mind for companies that want to bolster their digital capabilities.

When sourcing for talent, our clients seek individuals who have an intimate understanding of Cloud computing, geo-location technologies, beacons, RFID, multihop relay networks, tokenization, biometrics and wearable or implantable technologies. We identify leaders who inspire, and will enable the development of innovative products.


EMA Partners understands this space and has extensive experience working with clients who want to enhance or transform their mobile platforms and products. EMA is well positioned to help its clients because of its deeply entrenched relationships with the talent pool across the globe and our ability to identify leaders and specialists that are in demand, particularly in the areas of Product, Technology, Sales & Marketing, Risk, Fraud and Analytics.