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Cristina Malachias

Cristina Malachias is in charge of Knowledge Management at EMA Partners Brazil and DNA Hunter, which includes company collateral to improve user experience and engage potential talents for future clients, and manage the ATS (Application Tracking System) software development.

Cristina has over 25 year of experience in Sales Enablement and Support activities. She has a 5-year international experience, working as a global Knowledge Manager and Sales Enablement leader for large companies in the IT segment: HP, HPE, and DXC.  Previously she also worked for IBM.

Cristina’s educational background includes a graduation in Mathematics and Computer Science from FSA, an MBA in e-Management from FGV, a Master’s Degree in Communications and Knowledge Management, and a Post-graduate specialization in Enterprise Communications and Public Relations. Currently she is in a PhD program in Information Science and Knowledge Acquisition at USP. She speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English.