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Raj Bowen

Raj Bowen

Senior Partner, Leadership Advisory

+91 (0) 22 40452200


Raj Bowen heads the leadership consulting practice of EMA Partners through an alliance with Decision Dynamics AB, Sweden. He is also a Senior Executive Coach & Leadership Development Facilitator.

Raj is a seasoned business leader with over three decades of business experience across Indian and global brands from consumer products, durable goods, education, learning, and talent consulting. He carries a deep understanding of how to drive business growth, one customer and one opportunity at a time.

Raj is a strong business leader who has launched and led the rapid growth of multiple start-ups in the corporate learning and leadership consulting services sector with his extensive knowledge of the Indian market, his expertise in learning and development, his entrepreneurial spirit, and his passion for growth provide him impeccable coaching credentials.

His prime industries of expertise include consumer goods and services, energy and utilities, medical devices, manufacturing, information technology, finance, healthcare, telecommunications and automotive.

In the coaching arena, Raj’s clients are seasoned business leaders seeking insights to help them leverage unique strengths and deal with gaps as they strive for excellence in their current roles and transition to larger, more challenging assignments.

Typically, his coaching practice has focused on critical leadership blind spots that can derail strong growth careers; his engagement with top leaders enables them to get on top of tough leadership challenges like team alignment, building multiple stakeholder advocacy, delegating to develop the next line & prioritising conflicting demands on scarce time.

In his last corporate role, he was the Managing Director of PDI Ninth House (A Korn Ferry Company) and prior to that, he was the CEO of Dale Carnegie Training (India). His other career stints have been at Blow Plast Ltd, NIIT/NIS Sparta and Geep Industries.

Raj is a regular speaker at senior Industry forums on business success and personal effectiveness. He holds an MBA degree with a specialisation in marketing.