EMA Canada is an Executive Search firm with offices in Montreal and Toronto.  Canada is the second largest country in the world, with nearly 400 million hectares of forest and wooded land cover, and is one of the world’s largest exporters of forest products. Its natural resource sectors account for 11% of GDP and employ nearly 800,000 people.  Despite vast amounts of wilderness and fresh water, the majority of the population lives within 200km of the U.S. border – and its most important trade partner.  The US and Canada have the world’s largest trading relationship.  Canada’s major industries include: trade, finance, insurance, real estate and leasing, professional, scientific and technical services, education, health and social care, accommodation and food services.  

EMA Partners is one of the leading global executive search firms in the country. We specialize in search assignments for C-level, senior management and directors.  Our search practitioners have depth in industry backgrounds and a vast amount of professional experience in executive search across industries, and are foremost experts in the Education, Financial Services, Global Payments and Transactional Services sectors. 



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EMA Partners Toronto
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