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Information Technology Officers

To say that technology is a critical component of business is a gross understatement. The successful acquisition, implementation, management and continuous upgrading of technology will have a direct impact on a company’s bottom line. Quite simply– CIOs allow companies to work smarter. The role of CIO and those positions that directly support the CIO are mission-critical.

Technology leaders become more and more valuable. ITOs who possess great management skills, business acumen and powerful vision change companies– not only in technological terms, but in the overall success of the business. CIOs must be connected to every aspect of an organisation’s operations. They must be able to foresee challenges and address issues before they negatively impact the business.

Our consultants have searched and acquired CIOs for leading global corporations. Our clients include Fortune 500 as well as mid-sized and emerging growth companies across a broad range of industries and sectors.

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Hans R. Langeveld - Managing Director, Amsterdam

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Kathy Zheng - Managing Partner , Shanghai

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James Parr - Managing Partner, London

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