Board & CEO Services

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At EMA Partners, we provide strategic executive search and selection, as well as board counsel to small and mid-sized corporations, multinationals, and non-profit organizations – assisting them in identifying leadership and strengthening board representation.

Lead roles such as CEOs, Presidents, and Boards of Directors have been greatly impacted by a series of issues within major organizations, which have lead to bankruptcies of American multinational firms. The aftermath has had serious trickle-down effects for businesses of every size around the world.  Since the introduction of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002), the selection of CEOs and Board members has been closely scrutinized by regulators, by investors and by the public at large.  As a result, the search and selection process plays a critical role.

Today’s CEO requires much more than a stellar business mind; he or she must have tremendous stamina – to manage the breadth of an organization and to ensure growth in increasingly competitive markets. We leverage our extensive network of known reputable, global leaders, and engage in meticulous selection processes.   We have an accomplished team of global search practitioners who have earned the respect of our local and international clients. For more than two decades, our consultants have assisted clients with a number of strategic initiatives including:

  • CEO transition
  • CEO evaluation
  • Search and selection
  • Board composition
  • Board evaluation
  • Restructuring
  • Director compensation
  • Best practices

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