Industry Practices

Global Healthcare & Life Sciences

Scientific research, technological advancements, and constant development in healthcare and life sciences create both challenges and opportunities in this vibrant and innovative sector. There is a burgeoning of sub sectors as a result of the intersection of science, technology, and the delivery of products and services.Our search consultants understand the nature of the industry, and its many sub sectors and niches.

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Since the industrial revolution, industry has formed the foundation of the world’s economy. Despite the recent economic downturn, the outlook for industrials remains positive, particularly in hi-tech and the manufacturing of electronics. EMA Partners International has a thriving Industrial Practice – from working with multinational high tech companies to establishing dynamic leadership in mining and precious metal start up organizations.

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Consumer, Retail & Services

For more than two decades, our consultants have served clients in the consumer and services industries in global and regional markets. We know that the sector is constantly evolving and that leadership is faced with the daily challenges that threaten both market share and margin erosion. To survive, consumer goods, retail markets and services companies must be prepared to quickly respond to consumers needs while managing escalating costs.

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Global Technology & Communications

Technology and communications are essential to every business, and sustaining a competitive advantage means offering state-of-the-art products and services, adapting to changing market conditions, and capitalizing on business opportunities. For Global Technology and Communications companies, maximizing their own performance means maximizing that of their clients. To succeed, the industry demands multi-talented leaders who are innovative, and who possess exceptional market insight and global perspective.

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Financial Services

Over the course of the last few years the Financial Services industry has undergone major consolidation. Globalization and the credit crunch have redefined the industry – resulting in a changing environment, requiring organizations to re-strategize. To compete in this environment companies must attract and retain executives that have specialized skill sets in their area of expertise.

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Energy & Natural Resources

Energy and Natural Resources represent one of the most relevant industry sectors for our world – our survival is dependent upon carefully managed and monitored extraction, distribution and usage of oil and gas, hydro-power and other sources of energy. New sectors of growth such as alternative methods for generating energy present leadership opportunities around the world.

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Government & Not for Profit

Leaders and executives in today’s non-profit organizations are responsible for building world-class teams, delivering excellence in products and services, as well as competing for limited funding and support. For more than two decades the consultants at EMA Partners have helped to strengthen the executive talent of non-profit institutions and government agencies in top leadership and administrative roles.

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