The Digital Landscape:

Today’s business environment is undergoing significant change and the driving force behind much of today’s global innovation, growth and transformation is Digital.

For businesses to remain competitive, a well-conceived digital strategy and vision is critical. EMA Partners understands that the rising prevalence of digital channels, including mobile, on-line and social media will continue to have a profound impact on the way in which business is conducted and how customers are engaged and retained.

Digital Talent Management:

Companies must have a digital talent management strategy that is agile, scalable and responsive to future change. In order for a leader to be successful in today’s digital economy, executives must be capable of steering through adversity, ambiguity, disruption and volatility.

The identification of strong digital talent is challenging. Competition is intense, and organizations must be willing to commit to and invest in the transformation of existing organizational design, infrastructure and culture, in order to attract leaders with the desired skillset and experience. Just as the candidates they seek need to be agile, flexible, innovative and committed to change, so does the company that is looking to hire them.

A study developed by Cap Gemini Consulting, in collaboration with the MIT Centre for Digital Business estimated that 77% of companies believe that its lack of digital talent will become the primary hurdle for the company’s ability to digitally transform its business operations.

Although digital products and the digital customer experience must be designed through a different lens, consideration must also be made to ensure that the company’s digital brand identity is complimentary and aligned with its more traditional bricks and mortar operations. This is particularly important in the field of retail and banking, where the rise of digital products and services have the potential to impact or even overthrow the relevance of more traditional channels, such as its bank branch or physical retail store.

As consumers across the globe become increasingly comfortable with digital technologies and as new generations of “digital natives” begin to enter the workforce, companies need to focus not only on the price, convenience and security factors of its digital services or products but, on the quality and value of the customer experience that is received.

When organizations look internally at the talent needed to support their business in today’s digital environment, there are frequently huge gaps and disparity between the level of digital expertise, knowledge and skill set required, versus what is currently in place. In order to successfully execute a cohesive digital strategy, change must be led from the top, typically at the CEO and Board level. It is simply not enough for an organization to hire one, or two, token digital leaders and expect the results to follow. The commitment to change, adapt and transform has to permeate and be ingrained across the entire organization in order to achieve the momentum necessary to position the company for success.

EMA Partners Digital Practice Group

EMA Partners has built a robust global digital practice group that is designed to support our clients in recruiting exceptional digital talent. Leveraging years of experience, our firm has deep expertise in placing leaders that drive enterprise wide digital initiatives in the following industries:

  • Retail
  • E-Commerce
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Travel and Hospitality
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Education
  • Transportation
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Agencies

EMA’s digital practice group partners with both established businesses and industry disruptors, recognizing that both legacy and start-up companies can learn a great deal from each another. While many digital natives reject much of traditional business cultures, attitudes, protocols and regulations, EMA Partners can assist these start-ups in the identification of seasoned business leads who bring value and experience in scaling and monetizing products and services. Conversely, traditional businesses have a lot to gain in hiring millennials or digital natives who have grown up immersed in digital and are fluent in the language of digital technology and innovation.

Our firm’s knowledgeable Partners, Consultants and Associates are well positioned to provide meaningful insight and expertise pertaining to a client’s digital talent management needs and organizational design strategies. In order to support the needs of our clients we have developed areas of hyper specialization to support our clients’ digital strategy in the following niche areas: