C-Level Digital Leadership


Hiring an executive to lead a digital business requires a uniquely specialized background and skill set that is highly sought after but often difficult to acquire. A Chief Digital Officer is responsible for the overall vision, strategy and performance of the company’s digital business. However, it is rare for a company to hire a senior leader purely on the strength of his/her digital acumen. A C-level digital executive must also possess executive presence, strategic business skills and the leadership strength necessary to drive the business and its team.

When a company hires an external senior digital SME into a senior leadership role, the organization has an opportunity to elevate its digital credibility and intellectual property. Hiring an executive with deep core digital skills is also valuable in helping the organization to embrace digital in a progressive and informed way and to transform, guide and educate its internal teams. However, organizations must ensure that the incoming digital executive is appropriately set up for success and that he/she is given the tools, support and resources necessary to drive meaningful change and value.

It is not uncommon for businesses to gravitate towards hiring an experienced and proven leader with strong general management skills and an impeccable reputation for running a business and a P&L. EMA Partners works with its clients to identify senior executives who can drive innovation and shareholder value and who understand how to implement change and create a stronger digital culture.   Although hiring internally typically means a lower flight risk and removes the need for cultural integration, it is often more advantageous to hire an accomplished and experienced leader who excels in change management and can bring a fresh perspective to the organization’s digital portfolio.

The digital C-suite has changed and new titles and mandates have emerged to reflect the needs of today’s businesses. EMA is frequently asked to partner with and support our clients with their need to hire a Chief Digital Officer, Chief Data Scientist, Chief Mobility Officer, Head of Digital Channels, Head of Interactive Design and UX and Head of Digital Product and Strategy. The pool of C-level executives that possesses deep digital backgrounds and the leadership pedigree is lean, but there are a number of exceptionally talented leaders in today’s market who have a proven track record of success‎.

EMA Partners has built a robust global digital practice group that is designed to support our clients in recruiting exceptional executive talent. Leveraging years of experience, our firm has deep expertise in placing leaders that drive enterprise wide digital initiatives in multiple industry sectors, including, but not limited to Financial Services, Retail, Ecommerce, Loyalty and Rewards and Technology and Communications.