Customer Experience Design and UX (User Experience)


Ensuring a positive and delightful digital customer experience requires investment in thoughtful experiential design thinking. Although some companies opt to retain the assistance and support of a digital design agency to rethink the build, development and delivery of digital products and services, the value of instilling a design led digital mindset throughout an organization cannot be underestimated.


Digital User Experience Designers plan and create the look and feel of digital products such as websites, mobile & online applications and social media channels, in order to meet the demands, needs and desires of a brand’s target audience. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are increasingly recognizing the growing importance of this function, as consumers continue to demand better products and experiences and understand how to differentiate between a poor user experience and a superb one.


Exceptional experience design, can create a need or a demand for a product that may not have existed before, simply because the experience is so pleasurable. Companies such as Amazon and Apple rate highly in terms of providing excellent customer experience, and they do so because they give the consumer precisely what it promised. A product that is performant, simple to navigate and integrate into daily life, creates strong value proposition that is difficult to deny. The goal of a strong UX lead is clear, and that is to improve the user’s path and overall perception of the company itself.


The hiring of experienced digital design leaders into legacy or traditional businesses is often a challenge, because the organization itself has to be ready to embrace a new way of thinking across the entire enterprise. Although there is an abundance of digital talent that exists within the design agencies, the ability to navigate a complex corporate environment is often untested and finding leaders who have managed multi-disciplined teams is a rare commodity.