Digital Media and Content


The creation of digital media and content, frequently in the form of video, audio, software, apps and images provides consumers and businesses with access to shared information, be it for promotional, educational, news or entertainment purposes. In today’s digital economy, everyone is capable of producing and distributing content, be it through social media channels, like Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn. Social Media is a powerful vehicle and increasingly organizations are looking to hire digital natives to manage the flow of its digital content, either through raising the value of its brand equity, promoting a specific product or service, acquiring or retaining customers or using social media as a channel for managing customer service and support.


Digital Ad agencies or Interactive Design companies on the other hand provide businesses with professionally designed and delivered digital media and content, and can work with internal teams across marketing, technology, and design to promote stronger digital thought leadership across the organization. A highly competitive field where the demand for, and access to, talent is relatively high, the identification of strong, strategic and commercially focused leaders that can manage and lead large teams of creative professionals is the area in which EMA Partners can provide our agency clients with the greatest value.