Digital Product Management


The role of digital product development & management is crucial to the success of any organization’s digital strategy. In its purest form, the role of a Digital Product Head oversees all aspects of the product P&L, and is responsible for the commercial viability, product roadmap definition and the entire product lifecycle from ideation to launch. A successful digital product professional must be technologically inclined with a deeply entrenched curiosity and passion of emerging technologies, such as application program interface (API), user interface (UI) design, information architecture (IA), web analytics, big data and responsive web design (RWD). Products and solutions that are developed and built digitally are often iterative in design but must always be built for adaptive scalability in order to support complex multi-product, multi-business portfolios for digital consumption.


Sourcing for digital product leaders is challenging because the industry is relatively new, and clients frequently have to embark on a broader global search in order to access the best in class talent available.