Digital Technologies (including architecture and system infrastructure)


Technology and system management has, for many years, existed within the realm of an organization’s back office or centralized T&O group and was typically focused on maintaining the health and stability of a company’s legacy technologies, platforms and system infrastructure. As our clients look to move their businesses into the digital environment, the demand for accomplished and innovative technology leaders is high. Our clients are frequently seeking leaders who can support and drive the changes necessary to retire, collapse, and consolidate legacy systems, or who can design and architect new platforms to support the development and delivery of today’s digital products and services. For many organizations this may involve moving to a Software as a Service or cloud based model, recognizing that the cost and risk of replacing or updating cumbersome and antiquated platforms may only temporarily resolve issues of scale and adaptability, as the life span of technology gets shorter and shorter.


As digital continues to move technology from the back office to center stage, our clients are increasingly seeking creative technology leaders who demonstrate strategic thought leadership, strong financial and business acumen and the capacity to influence multiple stakeholders. Alongside the more traditional hires of a Chief Technology Officer, we are witnessing an increasing demand for commercially focused Chief Digital Officers, Chief Product and Information Officers, Chief Data Scientists and Chief Software Architects; executives who possess a strong blend of engineering, product and business backgrounds. Most sought after digital technical expertise includes mobile and on-line software development, product engineering, information architecture, API and User Interface design and system engineering.