Credit card issuing is a profitable world-wide business for banks, credit unions and retailers, who provide or “issue” a credit card for their customers, small business or commercial clients.Credit card issuers have been required to become increasingly nimble and resourceful in developing innovative, data driven and value added card products and marketing campaigns in order retain and promote consumer card spend.

Different global markets have specific and unique legal, regulatory, compliance and technology environments that apply to the issuance of Credit Cards. EMA Partners has developed close partnerships with many global financial services institutions and retailers to support all lines of their issuing business. Across EMA’s GPD&TS credit card issuing portfolio we have supported our clients across the following key functional areas: Sales and Marketing, Product, Risk and Fraud, Portfolio Analytics, Technology and Operations, Finance and R&D, and have successfully placed numerous executives at the EVP, SVP, Business Lead and VP level of search.

EMA Partners also has a wealth of experience in supporting retailers who are building out and developing a financial services division from the ground up. With our access to the payments talent pool, we have been successful in not only placing the executive tier, but building out and staffing entire business divisions, such as product, analytics and risk to help support and build our client’s growing financial services businesses.