Throughout the payments industry the emergence of new technologies including Chip and PIN, smartcard, wireless and RFID, web based banking, bill payment and e-commerce requires issuers, acquirers, payment network companies, merchants and card manufacturers to introduce and implement seemingly endless new technologies.

EMA Partners GPD&TS practice group supports clients who design, architect and manufacture hardware and software technologies in the form of new and advanced ATMs, terminals, POS systems and web based applications. Many of our Payments clients undergo rigorous, time sensitive transformation and conversion initiatives in order to transition from legacy systems and applications onto newer technology platforms. Such initiatives bring specific challenges to the Payments Hardware and Software Manufacturers who must remain on the cutting edge in terms of attracting and retaining the necessary internal talent and competitive intelligence.

EMA Partners GPD&TS works extensively to support a highly specialized group of hardware and software manufacturing clients who focus on developing, designing and producing products specifically designed to support the payments industry. Organizations in this area are primarily focused on identifying strong executive talent who possess a comprehensive technological understanding of payment systems, platforms, application development, and infrastructural design, secure data and document management, but who also have the ability to lead and mentor a team of highly specialized staff.