Merchant Acquirers and Processors are an integral part of the payment industry eco-system, facilitating and supporting the transactional payment flow between the cardholder, the banks, the payment network and the merchant or retailer. In support of the transaction flow, Merchant Acquires provide four key functions, merchant acceptance – including underwriting the terms under which the Merchant accepts card payment, authorization at POS, facilitation of the clearing and settlement of funds and providing informational statement services to the merchant.

EMA Partners GPD&TS works extensively with Merchant Acquirers to identify strong payments executives, most frequently in the areas of Business Development, Relationship Management and Sales. In order to ensure that we support the Merchant Acquiring business across all areas that are critical for the success of their business operations, we have also developed specialized functional practice groups to support our clients in other key areas. In the area of Technology, for example, we have extensive experience in identifying C-level Technology executives who can provide the necessary tactical leadership in the areas of network architecture, infrastructure, software and application development. Another sought after area of expertise in the Merchant Acquiring field is Risk, Fraud and Compliance, and our firm has many years of dedicated experience in sourcing for talent in this space.