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We strive to continually and consistently bring “best-in-class” talent and leadership to our clients’ organisations.

Can Leadership be Sustainable?

As the world gradually starts to lift the restrictions imposed as a result of Covid-19, many are questioning the capitalist business models that have been used to build our current society.

The Hunt for Inner Motivation

Is it the need for power and prestige that drives you in your career, or is it a passionate desire to change the world? People are different, and the things that make us perform at our best can also be varied.

What sets the top executive search firms apart from it's competition

What sets us apart

We strive to exceed our clients' expectations with dedication, focus and passion.

global executive search firm's winning approach

Our winning approach

From identifying the right candidate to sign-off for promising relationships, our process is tailored to every assignment.

EMA Partners In the news

In the news

EMA Partners held its annual global meeting in October 2019, in New York.


Our Insights, Research and Leadership trends, which will benefit both clients and candidates, and inspire them to become better professionals

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