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EMA Partners South Africa

EMA Partners is one of the oldest executive search firms in South Africa. As Africa’s most advanced economy, South Africa is well known for its reserves of diamonds, gold, platinum, manganese and titanium. Consequently, mining contributes greatly to the country’s GDP. Importantly, the industrial and commercial sectors have evolved significantly, and the country’s economy is well diversified today.

Automobile assembly, metalworking, iron and steel, chemicals and fertilizers, specialised areas such as machinery, synthetic fuels and railway rolling stock are also among the country’s major industries. The construction industry has benefited from a substantial infrastructure program, both locally and regionally. South Africa’s banking and fintech sector is the recognised leader in the continent.

EMA Partners Johannesburg


EMA Partners South Africa
Leslie Road, Fourways
Johannesburg 2055
South Africa


Phone: +27 11 513 4002