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EMA Partners Korea

EMA is one of Seoul’s most respected executive search firms and has proven itself as a trusted partner to man Korean and international brands. Korea is reported to be one of the top 11 economies in the world and the third largest in Asia. Its economic growth during the last two decades has been impressive. Korea is an IT powerhouse and contributes to the world economy through the presence of many well-known companies and highly recognised brands that include The Hyundai Group, Samsung and LG. In addition to the highest broadband Internet penetration rate among OECD nations, Korea leads the world in broadband internet quality.


EMA Partners Korea
4506 Trade Tower, 511 Yeongdong-daero,
Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Korea (135-729)

Fax: +82 (0)303-0958-8388

Phone: +82 (0)2-562-8388