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Alberto Miranda - Chairman

Alberto Miranda - Chairman

Over the past 30 years, our organisation has built a reputation for its portfolio of services, business expertise, quality of service and professional integrity globally, including extensive knowledge in many functional areas in each respective local and regional market.

As we move forward our focus will be to grow our portfolio of services offered, and to remain the benchmark of executive search and advisory leadership. We are confident that we will continue to add partner offices worldwide without losing our identity. The executive search landscape is changing and evolving as companies are becoming more dynamic, and increasing their global presence.

With over 40 offices globally, and with a presence in every major business centre, EMA Partners is well equipped to assist companies to attract leaders who can execute strategy, inspire their people, and ensure sustainable growth.

At EMA Partners, our consultants have a vested interest in their search portfolios because of our unique shareholder relationship. Our consultants are experts in their fields who have developed long-standing partnerships with their clients. Our assessment services help to truly measure
leadership potential which in turn provides greater value to our clients in a tangible and
meaningful way.

As a global boutique, one of our assets is our ability to adapt to market changes. Our agile approach and ability to gain a deep understanding of various markets across the globe allows us to provide our clients with the strategic counsel and unparalleled support.