Ezra Hodge

Managing Partner

Ezra has held multiple executive leadership roles and scaled global cloud talent programs for Amazon Web Services (AWS), where he came to understand that the greatest challenge for businesses today is finding leaders with proven cloud and digital modernization know-how. Seeing this as the biggest hurdle of business today — and the greatest opportunity for the new workforce of tomorrow - he co-founded the McKinley Hodge Group (MHG), a cloud-native executive and technical retained search firm, before joining EMA Partners.

Ezra is focused on helping match fast-growing companies with the top (and often hidden) cloud computing talent, placing a heavy focus on employee diversity, inclusion, transformational leadership, and work-life balance.

Prior to Amazon, Ezra led the largest educational data measurement (standardized testing) program in the U.S. for Pearson, followed by leading a startup software company that brought its cloud-based e-gov solutions to state and local government agencies, expanding heavily in the Pacific Northwest. At AWS, Ezra enjoyed the Day 1 spirit, which he still embraces, of launching and scaling large, global cloud efforts, with a heavy focus on cyber security, financial services, EduTEch, and professional services consulting.

Ezra advises a number of entities in the education and tech space. As a hobby, he enjoys writing children’s literature and hiking the Pacific Northwest.