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EMA Partners Global Meeting 2018

EMA Partners held its annual global meeting in October 2018, in Frankfurt. Member firms’ leadership convened to review the results achieved over the last year and to discuss the progression of their global growth strategy. Strong results were reported from all offices, with the greatest demand and growth coming from technology-leading enterprises across various industry clusters. The digital transformation of enterprises held center-stage. The core industrial sector has also reported healthy growth as markets across The Americas, EMEA and Asia-Pacific prime for growth.

The alliance with Decision Dynamics AB of Sweden whose leadership development solutions underpin EMA Partners’ leadership advisory service line, is making steady progress.

Referring to the current business environment, Alberto Miranda, Global Chairman, said, “Today’s volatile business environment requires a new approach to leadership hiring. EMA Partners is forging ahead with new methods and best practices to identify leaders, and more importantly, to hire for success. Increasingly, executive search firms are measured by the success and positive impact of C-Suite hires. Our forecast for 2019 is optimistic, with growth markets in Asia, the addition of several new offices in the Latin America region. Meanwhile, the EMEA region is showing signs of renewed vigor, especially in markets like the Middle East & North Africa”.

EMA Partners increased its coverage in Latin America and Europe, welcoming partners in Argentina, Chile, Peru, Czech Republic, Italy, and The Netherlands.



About EMA Partners

Since 1988, EMA Partners has built a global partnership of executive search professionals, and is currently one of the largest executive search firms in the world. With more than 40 offices on six continents they are dedicated to satisfying the senior executive search and talent management needs of their clients.