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EMA Partners Spain – Digital Transformation Seminar

EMA Partners Spain hosted an interesting information session on Digital Transformation on February 21st, 2017. Julian Villanueva, Professor and Head of the Marketing Department at IESE Business School shared his insights on the constant challenges of digital transformation within various companies across industry sectors.

The topics of discussion were around why CEOs need to be more focused on digital transformation; how the rapid adoption of digital technologies by customers and competitors is disrupting every industry and; creating value at an accelerated pace.  Advances in technology and marketing science have armed businesses with an expanded pallet of powerful digital platforms and tools with the potential to create new value, disrupt the competition and delight customers.

Digital innovation has emerged as a top strategic priority and many business leaders are trying to incorporate these digital platforms into their business model to stay relevant to their customers, their competitors, and grow the equity value of their businesses.

The conference was concluded with a social reception where ideas, trends and policies around the challenges of digital transformation were shared.