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SINGAPORE, October 6th, 2017 — The Managing Partners of EMA Partners International recently held their Annual Global Meeting in Singapore and had a session dedicated to “The Past, Present & Future” of Talent Management.

The opening address was given by Morgan Wee, Managing Partner at EMA Partners Singapore, who promoted the importance of adopting progressive and dynamic new approaches to talent management in order to meet the needs of today’s evolving multi-generational, global work environment. As leaders, Morgan spoke of the importance of EMA Partners’ role in identifying and exposing the potential of emerging talent and bringing that value to its clients so that it can be further developed and enhanced.

Following Morgan’s introduction, Dr. Katarina Kling, Co-founder & Managing Director of Decision Dynamics AB, gave an inspiring opening keynote presentation on “The Past, Present & Future of Talent Management”. During her presentation, Dr. Kling explored the necessary shift in engagement that occurs from leaders back to the individual who ultimately must reclaim accountability and ownership for their own development and growth.

During the breakout session, topics under discussion focused on “Meaningful Talent Analytics, Talent Engagement and Talent Partnering in an Organization”, and the concept of engagement was further explored. The emotive and fundamentally human elements of talent acquisition were considered, alongside the role data plays in driving analytical as well as EQ-based engagement strategies. This discussion prompted the recognition that “true engagement is emotive rather than analytical, which is why it is difficult.” Sarment, Head HR APAC Julie Ong

The break-out session was followed by a panel discussion in which Joydeep Bose, President & Global Head of Human Resources for Olam International, a leading worldwide agri-business, and Sherwin Siregar, former CEO of Atlas Sound & Vision participated. The panel explored optimal ways for companies to build true employee engagement. Assuming that Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs were being met, the panel discussed what companies can do to attract and retain the right talent? It was acknowledged that irrespective of how engagement is defined, companies must ensure that their people feel valued, intellectually stimulated and are able to find meaning in what they do.

As the war for talent continues companies must invest the time and resources necessary to understand how to engage, attract and ultimately retain its human capital. As Morgan Wee first noted in his introduction, the first step is for leaders to expose and nurture the potential of their people and then provide them with the right tools and environment to succeed.

About EMA Partners International

Since 1988, EMA Partners International has built a global partnership of executive search professionals, and is currently one of the largest executive search firms in the world.  With more than 40 offices on six continents they are dedicated to satisfying the senior executive search and talent management needs of their clients.