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EMA Partners Spain

EMA Partners Spain is one of the most recognised Executive Search firms in Spain. Located in Barcelona and Madrid, a market leader since 1969, their expertise includes executive search, management audits and other strategic consulting services.

EMA Partners Spain has played a key role in EMA Partners International’s history and is one of the founding members. EMA Partners Spain has participated on the Executive Committee and has lead many portfolios, (Finance, Professional Standards, EMEA Chair; Chairman)

Since the 1990s, Spanish companies have gained multinational status, and have often expanded their presence in Latin America. Spain is the second largest foreign investor in Latin America. Spain’s companies have expanded eastward as well – into Asia, and India, giving them a competitive advantage.

EMA Partners Barcelona


Status | EMA Partners Spain
Muntaner 450, 5th Floor
08006 Barcelona

Phone: +34 932 01 69 42



Pº de la Castellana, 40 8ª
planta 28046 Tlf. 91 080 69 75 

Phone: +34 910 806 975