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EMA Partners Sweden

Sweden’s is one of the world’s most developed post-industrial societies. Unemployment is low and the economy is strong. A public-private partnership is at the core of “the Swedish model”, which was developed by the Social Democrats who governed for most of the last 70 years.

Since the economic downturn of 2008, the Swedish economy has recovered strongly and is outpacing the Eurozone. GDP growth – fuelled by strong exports and consumer spending – is projected to reach around 4%. The unemployment rate was 8% in July 2010, which is lower than the EU average.

Timber, pulp and paper, iron ore, copper and uranium have provided the basis of Sweden’s economic growth since the 1920s, leading to significant manufacturing success, with companies such as Volvo, Saab, Electrolux and Ericsson becoming international household names.

EMA Partners Sweden


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