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EMA Partners Ukraine

EMA Partners Ukraine is an Executive Search firm based in Kiev. Ukraine’s strategic location in the very centre of Europe, its land borders with seven European countries, and access to the Black Sea makes it a transportation and logistical hub.

Being one of the largest countries in Europe, about 60% of the Ukrainian lands are arable, which makes it the largest country in the continent with the greatest potential in agricultural production for foods, textiles and renewable bioenergy.

Its highly educated workforce, vast and fertile lands, developed industrial infrastructure, and low-cost base makes Ukraine a desirable location for businesses targeting the European or Middle Eastern markets. Investors have recognised that Ukraine has become a stable and predictable emerging market and that the availability of talented human capital and high-quality undervalued assets make Ukraine an excellent investment destination.

EMA Partners Ukraine


EMA Partners Ukraine
Regus, IQ Business Center, 8th floor,
Bolsunovska 13-15
01014, Kiev


Phone: +38044 2276116