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Consumer, Retail and Services

For more than two decades, our consultants have served clients in the consumer and services industries in global and regional markets. We know that the sector is constantly evolving and that leadership is faced with daily challenges that threaten both market share and margin erosion.

To survive, consumer goods, retail markets, and services companies must be prepared to quickly respond to consumers’ needs while managing escalating costs.

This sector requires dynamic, energetic leaders who are instinctively and intuitively attuned to the market and are capable of delivering the products and services that consumers desire. While being market-focused, executives are financially-savvy, excellent managers of change, and can create a vision that will pave the way to innovative products, fresh approaches, and new processes. Being tech-savvy is a must in order to oversee and manage complex supply chain management systems.

Our consultants have consistently provided clients with dynamic, high-performing leaders, establishing the next generation of emerging leaders, who will prepare their organisations to compete and thrive well into the future.

We support a wide range of clients in the following areas:

- Travel & Hospitality
- Consumer Products
- Food Services
- Retail
- Sports
- Professional Services
- Food Services
- Media & Entertainment

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Senior Partner, Global Practice Leader, Education