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Leadership Advisory delivered in association with Decision Dynamics AB

Decision Dynamics are leaders in methods and tools for strategic human capital and organisation development. They bring to the table over 40 years of quality research, thought leadership and international practice.

The key to organisational success is a talent culture that aligns each individual’s passion with what the organisation needs - now and in the future. Utilising leading methodology and tools, we aim to help you realise the true potential of the leaders in your organisation.

Together, we help you align your business and talent strategies with your leadership pipeline architecture. In so doing, we assist you to identify, assess, acquire, develop and retain the right leaders and leadership teams to ensure organisational effectiveness and sustainability in the long term.


Can your organisation achieve its growth plans?

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Is your workforce greater than the sum of its parts?

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Are your leaders empowering your organisation?

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The Engagement Compass TM

The Engagement Compass is a research-based tool for assessment, selection and the development of leadership and employees. Each part of the Engagement Compass represents a key step in becoming a more engaging leader.

It identifies different engagement drivers & killers in relation to an organisation’s bosses, jobs, teams, and cultures, and can point us towards greater engagement in regards to work. As a leadership tool, it can also help managers understand in which direction employees can move towards greater engagement and sustainable performance. It helps move an organisation in the right direction, away from engagement killers and more towards what engages its employees.

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