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Giving leaders a competitive edge

Driving change, attracting, and retaining the best requires strong leadership and a culture of empowerment.

Decision Dynamic

Inspirational leaders are authentic leaders impact their people and organisation through a coherent personal brand and rally each individual behind their vision by inspiring and empowering them to be what they can be and unleash their true potential.

Identifying the right leaders that fit the culture and strategy remains the most critical success factor. Developing them means acting on the insights about their engagement drivers and killers, their intrinsic motives, strengths and development needs. It means putting them in the right roles, in the right place, at the right time. Rewarding them in a targeted way and in line with their motivational levers is the key to retaining them.

We help your leaders to fulfil their true potential by leveraging our proven leadership products and services that include Executive Assessment and Development, Executive Coaching, and Mentoring Selection and Support.

Executive Assessment

Executive Assessment

Make it Measurable and Action Your Insights

We know what it takes to be successful at the various levels of the leadership pipeline. And we know how to measure success. We led the world’s largest Leadership
Pipeline Study published in the Harvard Business Review, and gained critical insights into the reasons for executive success- and failure.

By leveraging us you leverage 40 years of research and practical application to gain measurable and objective insights that will allow you to make informed talent
decisions. Our robust assessment process, renowned methodology and CareerView™, StyleView™ and 360View™ tools provide actionable insights into an executive's:

- Career Concepts & Motives
- Engagement Drivers and Killers
- Decision Styles (Interpersonal and Operating)
- Emotional Behaviours
- Likelihood to contribute to a specific strategy (growth, specialisation, customer adaptability, diversification)

Services :

Leadership Assessment

- High-end and high-touch leadership assessments for your senior-most executives
- Tailored surgical assessments for key target groups (e.g. potential successors and high potentials)
- Standard automated on-line assessments for the broader population

Tailorable Process

- Online self-assessments
- 360° feedback evaluation
- In-depth interview
- Confidential assessment report
- Personal feedback and development planning
- Manager & HRBP debrief


- Pre-hire selection
- Succession planning
- High potential identification
- Leadership development
- Retention
- Team building

Executive Development

Executive Development

Being an impactful and inspiring leader means, first and foremost, staying true to yourself. Aligning career motives and personal development with a leader's intrinsic motives, and formulating targeted, business-relevant development actions against current and future business needs are the key to sustained performance, personal engagement and inspirational leadership.
Our experienced leadership development coaches support senior leaders including CEOs, board directors, management team members and other key executive talents to increase their self-awareness and align and execute on their personal development agenda.
We help boost performance by leveraging engagement- the true gateway to greater performance as it increases the utilisation of an employees’ potential. Leveraging our diagnostic tools and scientific research about the reasons for executive failure and success, we help leaders rise through the ranks and successfully grow through the leadership pipeline.


Engaging Leader Program

Coaching leadership is proving not to be the universal panacea many had thought- simply because there is no single way to lead people effectively since people are intrinsically different. The key to high performance is to maximise the utilisation of each person's potential.
We support leaders in aligning their intrinsic motives and careers, and we support leaders unleash their team's true potential by equipping them with tools and insights to engage as many co-workers as possible by leveraging their motivational engagement drivers.
An engaged team can boost efficiency, quality, speed and cooperation by 40% to 80%.


Our executive coach acts as a sounding board, challenges thinking, stimulates creativity, provides tools and techniques for dealing with situations, gives encouragement, and builds confidence. Using competency-based leadership development programs- including executive coaching, feedback-intense development workshops, and on-going action learning- we help to increase leadership retention and improve leadership effectiveness

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