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Do you have what you need to achieve your growth plans... and do you know if you do?

Decision Dynamic

Talent Management is a dynamic and ongoing orchestration act. To be successful, managing talents must be engrained in an organisation's culture as a modus operandi and a shared responsibility to which each party must contribute.

Individuals are accountable to assume greater responsibility for their own engagement. Leaders have to orchestrate, develop and empower their teams. The organisation must provide the foundation, mechanics and culture to align each individual's passion with what the organisation needs.

We help you to articulate your strategic talent needs and unique combination of organisational capabilities, assess what you have, and create a talent action plan to close the gaps between workforce needs and supply in order to drive, sustain and grow your business.

  • Articulate your strategy and make it measurable
  • Identify the right people for key positions at the right time
  • Develop people to reach their full potential
  • Create a pipeline of talent

Leveraging our portfolio of research-based methodologies, we help effectively differentiate between talents and address selection, succession, and development and
performance management in a targeted way- across managerial layers, geographies and cultures

Talent Strategy & Leadership
Talent Strategy & Leadership

To be successful, you need to invest in your talent, rally each individual behind the strategy, and develop key leaders, leadership teams and your organisational resources to build the strategic competencies and capabilities needed to execute– Now and in the Future.

Together with Decision Dynamics, we help you drive organisational success through a robustly engineered but flexible talent management blueprint, strategy profiling, leadership assessment, and development & performance improvement.

Our Talent Profiler is a dynamic tool for organisational alignment that enables strategic talent management decisions to become prioritised and actionable solutions


  • Talent Strategy Concept & Design
  • Leadership Pipeline Architecture
  • Succession Planning Architecture
  • Leadership Competence Modelling

Leadership Assessment & Development
Leadership Assessment & Development

To know what you need, you must first understand what you have!

Assessing a Leader or Team?

Our Executive Insight Assessment helps to understand career motivations, decision-making styles, emotional behaviour, as well as the impact on interpersonal relationships and on delivering results.

Developing your Future Leaders? Our leadership development solutions leverage our leadership pipeline research of executive success, and our thought leadership on Engaging Leadership to support your Leaders in addressing their challenges and help them to unleash their true potential.

Services :

  • High-end and high-touch leadership assessments for your senior-most executives
  • Tailored surgical assessments for key target groups (e.g. potential successors and high potentials)
  • Standard automated online assessments for the broader population

Tailorable Assessment Process

  • Online self-assessments and 360° Feedback Evaluation
  • In-depth interview
  • Confidential assessment report
  • Personal feedback and development planning
  • Manager/HRBP debrief


  • Pre-hire Selection
  • Succession Planning
  • High Potential Identification
  • Leadership Development
  • Retention
  • Team Building

Development & Coaching

  • Engaging Leader Program
  • Executive and Team Development and Coaching

M & A
M & A

Would you go to a Lawyer if you had a toothache?
In spite of increasing due diligence efforts, approximately 50% of M&As still fail.
Why? Our traditional focus is on legal, financial, and general business issues. We know that strategic, organisational, people, and customer issues are even more critical. So, why let Lawyers and Accountants deal with your most critical M&A success factor- People?


  • Leadership Due Diligence Audit to establish the alignment of leadership team candidates with the values of the merged organisation
  • Selection, appointment and development recommendations


  • Merged Team Assessment to align people and values with key roles and shared objectives
  • Joint M&A training to foster co-winning mindsets through the use of high-precision assessment and developmental tools


Change is essential to every organisation operating in today's dynamic and competitive environment. The key to successful change management lies in maximising organisations' change agility through the differentiated development of their people, processes and systems.

We assess your readiness for change and help you to focus on the most productive areas for successful change efforts. Key steps:

  • Align the culture and business goals
  • Identify the change agenda
  • Assess the cultural fit of key people
  • Implement changes to transform your business


  • Change Leadership Consulting
  • Culture and Values Alignment Assessment
  • Total Impact Solutions for Change


Ignite the spark because engaged people are happy people.

We work best and are most engaged when we can throw our energy into activities and environments which appeal to our motivational levers and intrinsic motives. We are happy. We want more of it. There is enormous untapped potential in your organisation. Unleash it by leveraging the great engagement improvement potentials in people's everyday work.

Achieving high contributions to organisational success and high individual job satisfaction is an organisation's biggest challenge. Engagement is the true gateway to greater performance as it increases the utilisation of an employees’ potential. It is a dynamic relationship between the person, job and the organisation.

We support you to Boost Efficiency, Quality, Speed and Cooperation by 40% to 80%- at the same time, we provide you with the tools and insights to get to know and act upon what makes your people tick. Our services include:

  • 5 career-based steps for developing Engaging Leadership
  • Engagement Survey, Maximising Alignment and Performance Program

Online Assessments
Online Assessments

Our in-depth research into the reasons for executive success and failure confirms that decision-making styles and how they evolve over a successful executive's career are one of the key differentiating success factors.

Leverage our research and online assessment tools to assess Career Motives, Interpersonal and Operating Decision Styles, as well as Emotional Behaviour to be one step ahead of the competition. We:

  • Led the world’s largest-ever study of executive success, published in the Harvard Business Review
  • Pioneered a suite of validated, best-in-class benchmark profiles of success
  • Developed a tried and tested suite of online self-assessments and flexible reporting

Our methodology and tools provide you with actionable insights into a leader’s, team’s, or key leadership population’s fit to the current requirement as well as potential, suitability and readiness for future roles and levels.

Our assessments provide rich data and reporting on:

  • Career Concepts & Motives
  • Engagement Drivers and Killers
  • Decision Styles (Interpersonal and Operating)
  • Emotional Behaviour
  • Likelihood to contribute to a specific strategy (growth, specialisation, customer adaptability, diversification)

Use our tools to gain insights as to how you stack up against and overtake the best.