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Find greater potential in your organisation’s workforce

An organisation’s success rests on the ability to work collaboratively.

Decision Dynamic

An organisation’s success rests on the ability to work collaboratively. Our deep understanding of the characteristics of high-performing teams and our tested tools bring clarity to the complex dynamics of teamwork and help your teams deliver on shared objectives, leverage and build on each other’s strengths & intrinsic motivations- to unleash their true potential. We help you:

- Utilise the diversity of your team to achieve better and more sustainable cooperation and less negative diffusion.
- Develop jobs that better utilise each team member's talents by focusing on the most important and motivating competences.
- Improve the managerial chemistry by seeing, respecting, trusting, and communicating around the motivating talents of each team member.
- Discover each team member's engagement killers and drivers through increased self-awareness and help them assume greater responsibility for the difference they can make for the team.


Team Assessment

Orchestrate Your Teams

Selecting new team members and orchestrating your teams to work in the best possible combination is a key pre-requisite for success.
We support your Leaders and Leadership Teams in assessing their fit against strategic requirements, optimising team composition, role and assignments allocation in line with people's intrinsic motives, strengths and development needs.

We help you diagnose and address cultural issues and synchronise vision, mission, and shared goals to boost time to performance and provide a compelling role model leadership to the organisation.


- Leadership Team Assessment- Fit For Strategy
- An Assessment against validated external benchmarks of success and the future demands of your organisation.
- Leadership Team Assessment- Culture & Values Alignment
- An Assessment and Values alignment diagnosis to identify and remove roadblocks, boost engagement and cultural alignment to deliver on shared objectives.-
- Leadership Team Assessment- Merger Due Diligence

An Assessment to evaluate fit with a new role and cultural requirements of the merged organisation. Select the best to deliver on your synergy potential promise.


Team Development

One Man's Heaven is another Man's Hell
What excites you might be quite different from what excites your colleague.
Most people tend to like others who are similar to them. It is often perceived as energy-sapping having to work with colleagues who do not tick as we do. Yet we all know there is no "right" or "wrong" when dealing with people's intrinsic motivations, strengths, styles and preferences.
It is the teams that move beyond the surface, understand and leverage the diversity of each other’s strengths and inner motives that rise to extraordinary levels of performance and- really make a difference.

Services :
Team Development & Coaching
We work with teams with a range of tailored solutions. The aim is the same, to help overcome interpersonal obstacles, boost performance, work better... and have more fun, together. We:

- Support a new team to align towards shared objectives and boost time to performance
- Coach an existing team in reaching an ambitious and critical target
- Equip a team with insights into team members' engagement drivers and killers to turn team diversity into a competitive advantage and boost efficiency, quality,  speed and cooperation by 40% to 80%


- Team Coaching & Development Program
- Team Culture & Values Alignment Workshop
- Team Engagement Workshop

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