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Eunra Yoon has been highly specialized in various industries such as leading domestic manufacturing companies, mid-sized companies, overseas consumer goods companies, luxury brands, and medical devices for more than 20years. Starting as a researcher, she has research experience and understanding in various positions and has good communication skills with clients as a senior consultant.

Based on a high understanding of each position and many success stories, she has experience in handling all processes from research related to recruitment and communication with clients. In addition to HR, finance, marketing, and strategic planning, she has success stories in professional positions such as lawyers, patent attorneys, labor attorneys, and English interpreter.

In particular, she has succeeded in hiring over 70 candidates for one of the major manufacturing companies in just 6 years and maintained a good relationship to most of her clients have been working with her consistently for more than five years. 

She wants to be a career partner providing win-win solution for both clients and candidates.