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Jiwon has been with Solution since 2006 and built up over 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical, consumer, financial service, Media and Portal related industries at companies such as Ilsung Pharmaceuticals, Reuters as well numerous other multinational organizations. After many years of industrial service, she decided to move into the consulting business introducing talented professionals to companies. She has a real interest in discovering and promoting individual talents, matching their characteristics to the company’s business needs and culture. This skill combined with an outstanding record of success in helping global and Korean companies find/recruit the very best CEOs and Executives in many different positions including Marketing, Sales, Clinical Heads, Tech Heads has enabled Jiwon to become a very important partner in Solution. She has a deep understanding of Korean and global business culture as well an excellent command of the English language with high level speaking skills. Jiwon holds a (degree) in English Literature and Language in Catholic University in Korea.