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Michelle was an IT expert who has spent the last 25 years working for large conglomerates both in Korea and abroad, including LG Electronics, IBM, and Cisco. Upon obtaining her master’s degree in Computer Engineering from Kyungpook National University, Michelle led a technical support team at IBM and a service sales team for strategic accounts at Cisco by leveraging her background in engineering. Notably, her strengths lie in accurately analyzing her clients’ business needs and bringing them exceptional results. Her expertise in this area comes from the abundant experience she has working with numerous clients over the years.

Utilizing her extensive experience and exemplary track record of success, Michelle has joined Solution, an executive search firm. At Solution, she specializes in IT, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, legal, and the industrial goods sector. She works with various clients in these industries, but especially has had success with bringing outstanding talent for C-level executives.

Michelle is truly an irreplaceable and valued partner at Solution, with her ability to identify and recruit the right talent that help companies grow, while also helping individuals develop their career and reach their full potential.