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César Pera is a Senior Consultant in Human Management Strategy, Executive Search, Executive Coaching and Talent Management with over 30 years of experience as Vice President of Human Resources in multinational and national companies, where he twice achieved “Great Place to Work” honours.

Cesar has been President of APERHU Peruvian Association for Human Resources, Vice President of the Andean region of the Interamerican Federation of People Management (FIDAGH), and a Director of the Board of the Graduate School of the Universidad del Pacífico.

He was the corporate Vice President of Human and Organisational Development for Fortuna Silver Mines worldwide operations. He also managed Human Development for Insurance Group and has been the Pacific Regional Vice President for ITAU.

César is also well respected as a consultant and lecturer at universities and business schools on the subject of Human Resources.

Cesar is Programme Director for the Masters in Personnel Management and Organisational Development at the Universidad del Pacífico, a recognised program in Latin America and highly rated worldwide. He is a director on the Advisory Council of TECSUP Humanities and Coaching, as well as a Director of the Global Society.

He is an Organisational Psychologist, has earned a Master of Arts, majoring in Organisational Psychology, and a Masters in Management of Human Resources from the European School of Management. He has also earned an Enterprise Masters in People from the Real Centro Universitario Escorial -Maria Cristina Madrid and has completed graduate-level courses in Europe, USA and Latin America.