HoonKyu Lee


For the past 35 years, HoonKyu has worked at multiple companies such as SK Group (general trading company), Tongyang Securities, Boryung Pharmaceutical Group (pharmaceutical, healthcare, IT, consumer goods), and Sejung Group (fashion), working as a CEO for 8 years at the last three companies.

Having various industry experiences, he is highly capable of recommending talents to companies, considering the volatile business environment with his insight in organizational management.

While working with several group owners for approximately 20 years and carrying out pivotal tasks such as succession plans, M&A, human resources, management/finance/IT strategy, new business entry plans, innovative management, and etc., he has a strong network of highly capable individuals that he can connect and provide for companies.

Specifically, when investing in M&A and PEF, he has expertise in recommending CEOs, CFOs, and Key executives.