Mariele Zapula

Senior Consultant

Mariele has successfully conducted numerous senior management searches and leadership assessments for client companies across functional areas in the businesses of Industrial and Manufacturing, Energy and Natural Resources, Healthcare and Life Sciences, industry in all functions. His clients range from multinational to family/privately-owned companies and start-ups.

Her professional experience includes positions in Health organizations, in the Obstetric Center, Rooming-in, Surgical Block, CAGEP (House of Support for Pregnant and Puerperal Women) sectors, CME support and customer service.

Prior to joining EMA Partners, Mariele had distinguished himself in the Executive Search industry working with Dasein where she collaborates in executive search work focused on C-level and senior-level executives.

Mariele holds a Production Engineer Degree and is a Bachelor of Nursing, postgraduate in Occupational Nursing and in Nursing in Gynecology and Obstetrics.